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Most professionally structured and balanced Forestry Investment Products


Aquilaria Forestry Income Investment

This is one of the most carefully structured and balanced forestry investment products available today for HNWI and institutional investors looking at exposure to this asset class as part of a risk balanced portfolio.

The Aquilaria Forestry Income Investment is available to sophisticated and institutional investors in minimum tranches of US$ 500,000 as well as individual investors in minimum amount of US$5000.00. Having access to around US$ 150M in worldwide inventory which will be managed professionally with leverage from the proven experience practice from soil to oil program.

Our Aquilaria Plantation sites in Indo-China, where our bio-technology specialists and experienced cum hardworking farmers are taking great care of the trees at all times, which will reap maximum returns for our investors and stake holders. Trees and timbers have become a mainstream part of our everyday investments. Hedge funds and pension funds have long been investing in forestry & timber plantations along with their associated supply chains; these have even outperformed stock markets.

We have a solid and structured investment wrapper for forestry and plantations meeting all the criteria of stringent institutional and high net worth sophisticated investors with the added credentials of directly protecting an endangered species, Agarwood, new plantings creating a 7 to 8 year investment horizon which has capital growth and income throughout. This plan is a balanced structure of income and future returns creating a risk weighted portfolio product –- an income of 10%+ and variable final IRR of 12% to 20% annually.



Bamboo has been described as the 'miracle crop', and intending to follow its award-winning success in other plantation sectors -- such as agarwood -- by developing the commercial prospects and maximising the potential of the global bamboo industry. Bamboo is widely considered to be part of the solution to numerous environmental issues, and has, to date, been commercialised on a very small scale.

One of the biggest challenges is in its quest to secure a viable, commercial future for bamboo, has been to establish the best and most secure regions in which to develop and operate large scale plantations. Accessibility to important markets has been key, while soil and climatic conditions are also crucial.

Kenya, with its near perfect climate, rich agricultural land and established agricultural industry -- not to mention the excellent logistical infrastructure -- was the perfect choice.

Now is time that all set to dominate the bamboo industry as a whole, and take its place as a pre­eminent, vertically integrated grower, manufacturer and distributor of bamboo end products.



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