Passive Income Portfolios / Packages


pip package 01

A. 5-Year Stable Income & Yield

Components: Currencies and Equity

i.  1st to 3rd year – 5% per annum
ii.  4th to 5th year – 6% per annum
iii. By the end of the first quarter of the 6th year – Gross Return in the range of 136% - 166%

pip package 02

B. 6-Year Investment & Yield

Components: Commodities, Equity and Gold

i. 1st quarter of the 4th year – 12% pay-out
ii. 1st quarter of the 7th year – 200% one lump sum pay-out

pip package 03

C. 10-Year Golden-Egg Investment Portfolio

i. 1st to 5th year – 3.68% per annum
ii. 6th to 10th year – 6.8% per annum
iii. 1st quarter of 11th year – 200% one lump sum pay-out